Attractions in/around Gulmarg

Attractions in/around Gulmarg


Gondola is the most trending attraction in Gulmarg for tourist in Gulmarg. Riding one of the highest cable cars in the world is an experience in itself. Gulmarg cable car project was commenced by J&K Government supply, election installation commissioning was awarded to the French company namely, M/S Pumagalski of French. The gondola has two phases: Phase1 -Gulmarg to Kongdori, Phase2 Kongdori to Affarwat.


The golf course at Gulmarg is situated at an altitude  2650M it’s one of the highest green golf course anywhere in the world, the layout of the course strikingly different from most golf courses. The origin of Gulmarg as “the golfing mecca” of India goes back to the late 19th century when a 6 hole course was made in 1890-91 by colonel Neville Chamberlain, the green was known as browns in those days. The first golfing championship was played at Gulmarg in 1922. The course was later redesigned by famous golf architect Peter Thompson.gulmarg now has 6760 yards 72 par 18 hole golf course. The historic Gulmarg golf was started in 1911 by the British.


Boasting of the fine Victorian style of architecture, St. Mary’s church is of the star attraction of Gulmarg. The verdant meadow of alpine trees and towering mountains that are covered in snow during the winters in the surrounding greatly enhance that beauty of this grey stone-walled church.


The Rani temple is also known as Maharani temple was built by Mohini Bai Sisodia, the wife of Maharaja HARI SINGH 1915 when king HARI SINGH was spending his time in the royal palace in Gulmarg.his queen to visit this temple to worship LORD SHIVA now, the temple remains open every day from 6 am to 9 pm and aarti performed twice a day.


The palace was constructed by MAHARAJA HARI SINGH in early 20th century,the building shows a synthesis of colonial architectural elements and local detailing especially in the decorative woodwork, the palace had been generally used for royal functions and gatherings on the eve of Christmas and new year by the Europeans,the palace covers an area of around 8700 SFT and comprises about 15 rooms of varying sizes ,it also has a large hall with a carpet area of around 1327 SFT which can accumulate up to a hundred people.


Children’s park is the right place for children and promises to give them a fun-filled experience, while you are looking at those beautiful sights. Your children can have fun in the park with exciting games and activities. The park is set at a great height and is one of the highest children park in the world.


Bota Pathri, which boasts of serene natural beauty, is located at a distance of nine km from Gulmarg. The infrastructure here is traditional, eco-sensitive and environment-friendly. Tourists can experience the lifestyle of nomads (bakarwalls) here.


Drung is a tourist destination 15 km from Gulmarg. The place is an attraction ideal for picnics and one-day trips during which visitors can try their hand at trout fishing and rock climbing. Visitors interested in archaeology can explore the ancient ruins of the temple there. A short trip over the hills takes trekkers to monuments, belief to ruins of the temple of Pandavas. Travellers wishing to stay longer can book hotel rooms at Tangmarg situated 3 km away from drung. A downhill road from Tangamrg leads visitors to the Ferozpura stream.


Alphather lake Is Also known as a frozen lake, owing to its nature of being frozen from November until mid-June, is a well-kept secret of Gulmarg. The charming, high Altitude lake situated at the foot of twin Affarwat Peaks and the trek to this lake starts from Gulmarg. The unique landscape and a resemblance to the famous Lake Louise of Canada make this is a great place for one trekking/excursion from Gulmarg.


Khilanmarg is a small valley about 6 km away from Gulmarg. The meadow carpeted with flowers in the spring is the site for Gulmarg’s Winter Ski runs and offers a great view of the surrounding peaks. It’s a 600 metres ascent from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg.


Baba Reshi situated at an altitude of about 7000 feet (2,133meters), and a distance of 6.3km from Gulmarg, the Ziyarat Baba Reashi shrine is a three-storey monument, built in 1480, in Moghal and Persian Style. Named after BABA PAYAM-UD-DIN RESHI, the shrine and its surrounding gardens offer both a spiritual and recreational experience.


In addition to the mesmerising beauty of Gulmarg, one can visit various destination in the vicinity of Gulmarg that include TANGMARG, BADETKOTE, ZANDPAL, GOGAKLORA and Niglinallah.

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